Delayed Start for New Members

We know some of you have been eager to start waiting ... on your new members, that is. It's happened to all of us, you've given the tours, answered the questions and your new member is ready to sign on the dotted line. But they can't start using your space today so they don't want to be charged yet. 

Up until now, your options have been to hope they come back and sign up when they're ready or do some discount code gymnastics to get them into the system today but not paying until they're ready to go.

Starting today, you can direct members to sign up immediately but delay the start of their membership and first payment until a more appropriate date. 

Members go through the sign up process as normal, but before completing their membership selection, they will be given the opportunity to pick a start date. 

Of course, it's up to you if you want to allow delayed start dates, and you can enable the feature and configure the maximum delay up to 180 days on your General Settings screen. And when you edit a member with an upcoming membership change, you can see and edit that change as necessary.