How to Enforce Membership Term Lengths

It is possible to enforce a term length on any recurring membership and membership type in the Proximity system. We strongly recommend that your terms of service covers this option before you make the change in the software. 

This is a beta feature so reach out to support to enable this feature for you. 

You can set this up in two ways:

Apply to Membership Types

Edit any recurring membership type and enter a number in the box for Term Length. This sets the number of renewals a member with this membership type must wait before they can cancel their membership. For example, a recurring membership with a renewal period of 1 month and a term length of 6 would require the member to maintain their membership for six months before canceling.

(Note, changing this value will not affect current members.)

Apply to Memberships

Edit any member with a recurring membership and you can set a term-end for that member. You can change this date regardless of if their membership type already enforces a term length. 

End of Term

At the end of a term, the membership moves to at-will status. Their membership will continue to renew as always, but they will be able to cancel at any time. If you want to extend the term, edit the member, and set a new term end date.