How to use a punch pass (For members and space managers)

For Members:

Currently, the app does not support using and activating your punch pass. To access your keys for the day, you will need to activate your punch on the web browser using your laptop or mobile web browser on your phone. To do this, you'll log in to your account and select Use Punch Pass.

From here, you'll choose your punch pass and select Activate and Use Punch.

After activating your punch for the day, your keys will become accessible via the app or mobile web browser.

For Space Managers:

When a member purchases a punch pass, they can choose to use it the day of their purchase. 

If you have Meraki Wireless Integration, the member will be prompted to use the punch when they first log on for the day through the captive portal. If you do not utilize Meraki, the member can use a punch by visiting your home page and clicking Use punch pass. 

From here, the member will follow the prompts, select the punch pass they'd like to use, and click Activate and Use Punch Pass.

Keep in mind that we do not currently support using punch passes via the mobile apps so the member will need to use the web browser to use their punches. The member can do this from their laptop or the mobile web browser on their phone.

ER 9.8.20