Membership Types

Membership Types are the way you set up your membership levels such as: Dedicated Desk, 24/7 Access, Hot Desk, or Punch Passes. Door Access and Reservable Resource free time are associated with Membership Types so keep that in mind when setting up your different types. 

Create Membership Types

  • From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Members > Membership Types
  • Click the New Membership Type button. 
  • Enter the basics: 
    1. Name of the Membership Type,  
    2. Description, 
    3. Marketing Text:  This shows up in the colored bar below the description of the membership type on your homepage and is used to call out something eye-catching like “unlimited free coffee” or “only three desks left!”
  • Choose which kind of membership you’re creating: Recurring, Drop-in or Punch Pass.
    • Recurring (For example this could be a monthly membership like a dedicated desk or hot desk and would automatically bill the member on a monthly basis.)
      1. Choose length of membership, pricing and taxes if applicable.
      2. Next to the pricing field, click the + to add bulk pricing tiers if you’d like to offer bulk pricing to those purchasing Team memberships.
    • Drop-in*
      1. Choose length of membership, pricing and taxes if applicable. You’ll likely make the length of the drop-in membership 1 day.
    • Punch Passes*:  Usually punch passes are created to give a bulk discount on drop-ins. You have the option to choose a minimum number of punches that must be purchased to qualify for your bulk rate and you can add an expiration date as well.
  • Restrict the number of memberships that can be purchased for this membership type, if applicable, by checking the box that says This membership type has limited inventory and entering a limit.
  • Choose if you want the membership to be visible to the public. Or if you’d like to keep it private,  you can uncheck the option: Make membership available for sign up without join link (make visible on sign up pages). You can then share the sign-up link with members manually. 
  • Check Internet Access if you want to provide access for this membership type (this only applies to spaces using Meraki WiFi integration).
  • Check Includes Guest Pass to allow this membership type to participate in Proximity Guest Pass. For more information, please see the Guest Pass Rules article.

Note: When a member purchases a punch pass membership they can choose whether or not they want to use their first punch on that day or save it for a later date.