Proximity Room View for iOS

Proximity Room View for iOS lets your members and visitors easily check in to conference rooms, see guest WiFi information, end their reservation early, and even extend reservations without even leaving the room.

Here are just a few features you can start using with FREE Proximity Room View app:

  • The check-in process allows members to indicate that they are actually present for their reservation. This can be helpful to make sure that your resources don’t sit empty and unavailable.
  • Members can press the “use now” button when making a "Local Reservation" - this type of reservation only lasts for 15 minutes. It will show up on the reservation calendar as a “Local Reservation” while the reservation is active. It disappears after the reservation is over. The manager can view the calendar on the dashboard and check a box to view previous local reservations.

    You can set your reservable resources to require check-in. This is optional, and if you activate this setting, any reservations will be canceled automatically if they have not checked in within the first 15 minutes of the reservation. To set this option, use your Proximity dashboard and navigate to Manage Resources > Reservable Resources and edit the appropriate resource by clicking on its name or "Edit" next to the resource name.

  • You can add an iPad inside your reservable room or resource for additional options and information.

    Your members will get meeting information including:
    What conference room they are in (more useful than you think).
    When their reservation begins and when it ends.
    The WiFi network name and password (if you have our Advanced Meraki WiFi integration).
    The time! (also more useful than you may think.)
    Perhaps most importantly, attendees will receive verbal reminders to check-in and when their reservation is ending.

  • Members can use Room View to cancel their event early if they are finished with the conference room. Members do not get a refund or free time back for ending early. The system will bring up a warning making this clear. 
  • They can also extend their reservation and will be billed appropriately (as long as there are no existing reservations immediately after).

As a manager, you can switch your iPad to the internal view by tapping once on the screen and clicking the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner. 

Remember to set your passcode on your Room View settings screen. This will help you prevent members from changing things they shouldn’t have access to.

Proximity Room View iPad Setup.pdf Click here to download our Room View installation document. 

Click here to find Proximity Room View for iOS in the app store. 

iOS devises we recommend purchasing: 

  •  iPad 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or newer,  any iPad Pro.
  • Anything that supports iOS 10.3 or later, however, iOS 11 or better is highly recommended for future compatibility.

Need to set up the SSID's in your conference rooms? Follow this article --> Meraki Integration