How Payment Processing Works

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

Proximity uses Stripe to process the payments billed through our system. All money is paid directly to Proximity and then transferred, minus any app fees, to the coworking space. 

Refunds happen in the opposite order: We reverse the transfer from the space and refund the money back to the member's account. 


If the customer does not see the refund in their bank account, there are a few things to check (in order):

  1. Refunded Correctly: Does the refund show up in the Proximity system? If not, that means that the space issued the refund through Stripe directly and the customer will never receive funds. Obviously, we don't want to do it this way! Reach out to Support if you accidentally created the refund this way. 
  2. Enough Time Passed: How long has it been? Refunds can take up to 10 business days to appear in a member's bank account or on their credit card. 
  3. Refund or Reversal: Does the original charge still show on the member's bank account? Some refunds are handled by the bank as reversals, meaning they drop the original charge instead of issuing an additional credit. Instruct the member to find the original charge. If it is there and there is still no matching credit they should contact their bank for more information.