How to Change a Member's Email Address if the Email is Already in Use

Once an account is created, it's created on the entire Proximity Network, so if a member registers for an account on the app before signing up, it'll make that email address unusable because an account has already been created on the network with that address. Once you change the email address to something unusable, it will free up that email address on the Proximity Network.

Add the Correct Email to your Member List

If the member with the correct email address that you're wanting to use is not a part of your Member List, follow the directions in this step. 

If the correct email address is already in your Member List, you can skip to the next portion of this document.

  • Add the user to your Member List by navigating to Manage Members > Member List > Add Member
    • You must have the correct email address in your Member List in order to change the email address.
    • Changing the email address within the Proximity Network will free up the email address that you are wanting to use.

Change the Email Address to Something Unusable

Navigate to the account with the email address in which you are wanting to use > Edit Profile

  • Then you'll want to change the email address that you're wanting to use to something unusable 
  • You can add "_old" to the end of the email address, before the "@"
  • Save Changes
  • After that, the email will be usable and you can remove the "_old" member account that should no longer exist.

Change the Incorrect Email Address to the Correct Email Address

After all of the steps above are complete, you can change the email address on the member's account to the correct email by navigating to Edit Profile on their account. Make sure to Save Changes.

Video Tutorial

ER 8.4.21