How to Migrate your Legacy SSL

Recent upgrades to Proximity's infrastructure revamped the way we create and manage SSLs and route internet traffic for your space. To take advantage of these upgrades, which provide extra security to the traffic at your site, you'll need to change some settings on your custom domain. This is about a 15-minute process and will cause no downtime for you or your members.

To prepare for this migration, you will need access to the service that hosts the DNS for your custom domain (such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.). When you're ready to upgrade, reach out to support and we will get the process started for you. Once we start the migration process, we have 72 hours to complete the two-step process. (If we don't complete the process within 72 hours, not to worry, nothing will blow up, we just have to start over.)

Step 1. We will provide you with a new CNAME record to input at your webhost that we use to validate the ownership of your domain. As soon as that's done, let us know.
Step 2. We verify that your new CNAME record is resolving correctly and provide you with a new value for the existing CNAME record that points your custom domain to our servers.

That's it!