Shared Membership vs. Team

The table below outlines the difference between shared memberships and Proximity Team. In both scenarios, one individual/company is billed for all memberships and auxiliary costs such as add-ons, reservations, and custom charges. 

Shared Memberships
Proximity Team

Best for shared offices and small teams/companies within the same coworking space

Best for large teams/companies, multiple membership types billed under one individual or company, and distributed teams working in multiple spaces in the Proximity Network

The team or company shares one specific resource such as an office or a desk.
The team/company is composed of several different membership types such as offices, desks, flex desks and/or punch passes.
Space manager has full control over managing the membership.
The company/team manages the memberships with optional assistance from space managers.
Add-ons and discount codes can be applied.
Add-ons and discount codes cannot be applied, but there is the option for a space manager to create bulk pricing when creating membership types on their Proximity site.
All memberships share the benefits and access that come with the shared membership, including conference room free time, Guest Passes and door access privileges.
Each member receives the full individual benefits defined by their membership parameters including conference room free time, Guest Passes, door access.
All members must have a Proximity login before they can be added to a shared membership.
Members will be invited to a Team via email.
Membership benefits mostly reside within the coworking space.
Team owners have the option to purchase punch passes and Nomad credits for their team members who do not need a full-time membership or who travel often.
Billed monthly for membership and upon booking reservations.
Billed monthly for both membership and bookings.