Why are emails not being sent out?

This document applies to: Coworking

The following emails can be automated if configured appropriately.  

  1. Proximity Wave Tour Request won't send out if you aren't utilizing Proximity Wave.
  2. Conference Room Wifi won't send if you don't have Meraki integration or if Reservable Resource Wifi is not configured properly
  3. Conference Room Auto Cancelled won't send if you don't set conference rooms to require check-in
  4. Conference Room Pending won't send if you don't require manager approval for conference rooms 
    1. It is also dependent upon your settings for approval per Membership.
  5. Conference Rooms Denied won't send unless you deny a booking.
  6. Conference Rooms Approved won't send unless you require manager approval (and approve a conference room)
  7. Conference Rooms Cancelled will send if you cancel a member's booking and also when a member cancels their own booking.