Welcome to Proximity!

We built the Proximity Platform to solve one simple problem: We needed a solution to manage our coworking spaces. After more than a year of searching, we came up dry. No platform offered an integrated solution with powerful features yet was easy to use—much less at an affordable price. So we built our own system to make our spaces easier to manage. That was the whole plan. But it didn’t quite work out the way we intended. Other spaces started to hear about our platform (we hadn’t even named it yet) and we realized that maybe we weren’t the only ones who needed a better way to do coworking. After refining our system with expanded features and lots of feedback we launched the Proximity Platform and quickly grew our network to over 400 connected coworking spaces. 

And then, the pandemic hit. The pandemic caused a significant acceleration of flexible and remote work practices for thousands of organizations and millions of workers. As companies started seeking long-term solutions to manage this new hybrid work world, we realized that Proximity was the perfect solution. So, with some research, a few adjustments, and a lot of coffee, our workplace side of the business was born. 

Whether you're a coworking space or managing a business, we’re so glad you’re here!

Under the PROXIMITY PLATFORM heading to the left, you’ll find useful tips for working in our platform. We hope that it’s helpful and makes your life easier. That’s why we’re here – because we believe that managing your space/business should be easy so you have time to focus on what matters most: your community.

The Proximity Team