Add a Reservation or Assignment for a User

This document applies to: Workplace

Adding a Reservation (Non-renewing)

Navigate to Manage Users > User List > Select the user > Navigate to the Resource Reservations tab.

  1. Click + Add Reservation to create a reservation
  2. Select the workspace.
  3. Choose the date by selecting the date on the calendar or by using the arrows next to the date.
  4. By the Hour or By the Day: How do you want the user to reserve the workspace (and/or be billed)?
    • If you choose By the Day, you can drag and drop the days on the calendar in which you want the user to reserve the workspace or choose one single day.
    • If there is a monthly price, the price will be automatically adjusted if the reservation lasts for four weeks or longer.
  5. If reserving by the hour, choose the time by clicking on the time and dragging and dropping the time box.
  6. Reservation Name
  7. Notes: Is there anything important to note for this reservation? Does the user and their guests want water service? Do they need a projector? Etc.
  8. Guests: Add other guests to the reservation so that they have the same access as the user you are reserving on behalf of.
  9. Select Continue.
  10. Reservation Summary: will show the reservation and the total cost for the reservation for the user
    • Waive Charges and Free Time: will make the reservation free for the user (including not using the user's free time.)
  11. Complete Reservation.

Creating an Assignment (Long-term, renewing)

Navigate to Manage Users > User List > Select the user > Navigate to the Resource Reservations tab.

  1. Click on + Add Assignment for recurring reservations
  2. Select the Resource from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the Start Date.
  4. Toggle Reserve Indefinitely to off if you want to set an end date.
  5. You can choose to Waive Charges and make the monthly, recurring reservation free.
  6. You can also enter a discount code to be applied monthly. Click on Have a discount code? on the bottom left.
  7. Select Continue.

Please note the following about assignments:

  • Unavailable dates will be greyed out, and you may be prevented from creating an assignment with an indefinite ending.
  • While this assignment is active, no one else will be able to reserve this workspace. This assignment will renew each month until canceled.
  • The assignment will renew on the same day each month, on the day of the month that the assignment started (i.e. an assignment that starts July 8th will renew on the 8th of each month). At this time, consolidated billing is not available for assignments. 

Please Note

  • When you create a reservation or assignment for a user from the backend, you will be able to override any settings for a workspace.
  • If a user doesn't have a payment source or free time, you will not be able to make the reservation without waiving the fee if there is a cost associated with the user group and the workspace.

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