Adding Members on the Back-end

How can I sign up a member at my space?

Managers can add members administratively by navigating to Manage Members > Member List > Add Member.

  1. You will want to start by typing out the email address of the member, rather than copy and pasting. If the member is already a member of the Proximity network, their information will populate and you will not be able to edit certain fields.
  2. Add a credit card for the member. This payment source will automatically become the default payment source for the member. If you do not add a credit card, this member will receive an email requesting that they add one by the dates set below (for paid memberships). If they do not add a payment method in time they will remain a Community Member at your space.
  3. Choose a membership or punch pass subscription.
  4. Choose any add-ons or discounts. Normally, add-ons have to be recurring for recurring reservations, but this is the one instance, where you will be able to add a non-recurring add-on to a recurring membership for the first month of the member's membership.
  5. Choose to activate and bill the member when they add their payment source or activate on a certain date. If you do not add a credit card for the member, you will not be able to choose today's date. Reason being, the charge will fail due to there being no payment source on file.

Members can also sign themselves up from your homepage or by receiving a Join Link for your memberships. 

ER 4.5.21
MY 10.20.21