How can someone become a member of my space?

The Default Membership

  • The Community Membership is your default membership (the name of the membership can be changed, but it will be noted in blue that it is the default membership type). 
  • Anyone who registers with Proximity through your site automatically becomes a Community Member. Once they become a Community Member, they can upgrade to any other paid Membership. 
  • If their membership expires, they will be downgraded back to a Community Member. 
  • We recommend signing up anyone interested in your space as a Community Member so you can capture their information and continue to communicate with them. 
  • Make sure your MailChimp account is connected so Community Members are added to your mailing list.
  • Registering for an event through the Proximity Platform will automatically make someone a Community Member.
  • We look at Community Members as your sales pipeline - they’re interested in your space and now you have their info!

Sending Sign-up Links

You can also send sign-up links to any membership by navigating to your dashboard > Manage Members > Memberships. Select the membership and scroll down to Join Link. Copy and paste this link. You can use this link for hidden or visible memberships and anyone with access to the link can use it to sign up. 

Space operators can also add members on the back end.

Follow this link for more information on adding members administratively. 

ER 8.2.21