Onboarding Tools For Space Operators

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  • Onboarding Checklist

    Once you complete this checklist, you’ll be ready to start billing! Add a Payment Source - required Connect Stripe Agree to Terms Add your Logo Add Operating Hours Add Space Terms of Service  Set Up Memberships Set Up Meeting Space Import Members (if applicable)  Visit your dashboard to walk through each of these steps!  AB 3/20

  • Creating Custom Space Domains (Outgoing emails and portal access)

    You can use your custom domain two ways: for outgoing emails and portal access. Setting a custom domain for outgoing email allows your space to configure automatic emails sent by Proximity to come from your domain, i.e. "From: info@coworking.com." Setting a custom domain for portal access is a feature available to space operators to enable your space to allow your members to sign in to Proximity through a custom subdomain, i.e. coworking.com (rather than coworking.app.proximity.space)…

  • How to Fill Out the Member Import Spreadsheet

    The member import spreadsheet allows for current members to be moved over to the Proximity platform without having them register for an account.  The space owner/manager fills out the member import spreadsheet provided by Proximity, and the Proximity team will import the members once the spreadsheet is filled out properly.  Members who are imported will receive the New Membership email (under Settings > Email ) upon import, which provides instructions for getting logged in, filling…