Manage Members

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  • Member Directory Logic

    Your member directory is displayed per the following logic: If internet hosted by Meraki, members are displayed by the most recent time one of the member’s device was seen on the space’s internet. If no Meraki, members are displayed by the most recent time they accessed the space (from your door logs).

  • Registration and Membership

    Individuals must register to be part of a new space.   If they don't have a Proximity membership at the space when they register on the space's site, they will be added at the Community Member level by default.  If the new member (owner/manager/member) already has a membership at another Proximity space, they will need to sign up for a new membership at the new space.  Without a membership at the new space, they will…

  • How can someone become a member of my space?

    Community Membership The Community Membership is your default membership. Anyone who registers with Proximity through your site automatically becomes a Community Member. Once they become a Community Member, they can upgrade to any other paid Membership. If their membership expires, they will be downgraded back to a Community Member. We recommend signing up anyone interested in your space as a Community Member so you can capture their information and continue to communicate with them.  Make…

  • Member Check-in

    Member Check-in  We know that it is important to keep track of who comes into your space, so we have been working hard to release a check-in feature for your members. Now whenever a member uses your space they can be checked in so you have a record of their usage. (This is just the start. We know there are some things that are not done yet. See below for what's to come.) To see…