Member Referral Links

Referral links are a great way to promote your space to a wider audience. It's up to you to manually choose how you would like to reward members who refer a new member!

How to Enable Referral Links

To enable referral links, navigate to Settings > General and check the box "Enable Referral Links". Remember to click Save after!

Referral Codes for Members
Members can find their referral code by clicking on their profile picture in the top right side of screen and selecting "Refer a Friend" from the dropdown list. Here they can find their personal referral code to share with their friends, family, or colleagues! If a person has memberships at multiple spaces, they'll have a different referral code for each space.

Referral Reports for Managers
Managers can view who used a referral link by navigating to Reports > Referrals. Here, they will be able to see both the member that redeemed the link, and the member who referred them, with links to both their profiles. You get to choose how to manually reward them for their referral. Members will show here if they used a referral code, even if they stay a community member.