Automated Emails

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  • Email Verification

    Automated emails are triggered to be sent to your members to explain things like membership changes, accepted reservations, and more! Complete the email verification process to customize the email address that these emails come from.  From the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Emails . At the top of the page, update the Send  Emails From  email address as your space address (e.g., The verified email must reflect a domain that you own.  A domain…

  • Check-in emails

    You can now create an email that is sent to your members the first time they check in to your space each day. Simply say hi or include important information about your policies, procedures and other things especially important during this time of pandemic. Each member will only receive the email once per day and only on days they check in to your space (via Wave, unlocking a door, checking in for a reservation, etc.).…

  • Membership Invitation Email: Example

    This is an example of what the standard Membership Invitation email will look like that is sent to members. If the membership is free, the member will not be asked to provide a payment source. More on emails.   ER 4.8.21

  • Emails to Space Operators

    Emails to space operators are automatically triggered. These emails are sent to any operator of your space with Space Manager checked on their account. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you will want to make sure only Space Owner is checked on your account. Emails sent to Space Managers and when they are triggered: Membership Payment Failure When a member's payment has failed [[member_name]] has cancelled their membership When a member has…