Emails to Space Operators

Emails to space operators are automatically triggered. These emails are sent to any operator of your space with Space Manager checked on their account. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you will want to make sure only Space Owner is checked on your account.

Emails sent to Space Managers and when they are triggered:

Membership Payment FailureWhen a member's payment has failed
[[member_name]] has cancelled their membershipWhen a member has cancelled their membership
You're so paid!When moneys has been transferred to your space for a Nomad visit
We tried to pay you :(
When we tried initiate a transfer for a Nomad visit, but there was a problem processing the payment
New changes to a team membership at [[space_name]]When a Team membership at your space has been updated
[[team_name]] team membership has been deletedWhen a Team membership has been deleted
New team membership at [[space_name]]When a new Team has been created
Scheduled Visit UpdatedWhen a Nomad visit has been updated
You've got a Nomad coming to visit!When a Nomad visit has been scheduled
Scheduled Visit CancelledWhen a Nomad visit has been cancelled
Final Payment Failed for Invoice [[invoice_id]]When an invoice has failed 4x and the member will be downgraded to the default membership and the invoice will remain open/unpaid
Action Required for Disputes at [[space_name]]Reminder that action is required for a dispute
[[member_name]] just joined [[space_name]]!When a new member joins your space
[[member_name]]'s payment source failed while attempting to start their membership!When the first payment for a scheduled membership fails and the system will not be attempting to recollect payment
[[member_name]] has just scheduled a start date for their membership!When there is a membership scheduled to start on a date in the future
[[member_name]] forfeited their membership at [[space_name]]When a member has a scheduled start date in the future, but fails to enter their payment source
A New Invoice is Awaiting PaymentWhen a member has offline payments enabled and a new invoice is generated
Payment Failed for Invoice [[invoice_id]]When a payment fails for a member
Guest Pass Used by [[member_name]] from [[space_name]]
When a Guest Pass is used at your space
Google Access Token Revoked - [[space_name]]
When the Google access token is revoked and your space will need to reconnect your Google integration
Google Calendar Unlinked - [[space_name]]
When a Google calendar is unlinked from a resource
Dispute Won at [[space_name]]
When a dispute is won
Dispute Lost at [[space_name]]
When a dispute is lost
Funds Returned for Dispute at [[space_name]]
When the funds for a dispute are returned to your space
Dispute Lost at [[space_name]]
When a dispute is immediately lost (ACH Payments)
Dispute Created at [[space_name]]
When a member disputes a payment
New Pending Reservation
When there is a pending reservation
[[member_name]] has cancelled a reservation
When a reservation is cancelled
[[member_name]]'s reservations have been cancelled
When all future reservations for a recurring reservation are cancelled
[[member_name]] Just Changed their Membership
When a member changes their membership
Tour Request from [[visitor_name]] ( [[visitor_location]] )
When someone requests a tour via Proximity Wave
Your request to exclude [[reviewed_member_name]] from the active member list has been approved
When an active member dispute has been approved
Your request to exclude [[reviewed_member_name]] from the active member list has been denied
When an active member dispute has been denied