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  • Proximity Wave Tour Notifications

    Proximity Wave Notification Content Proximity Wave notifications for space tours  will send the following info via SMS and email notifications: Visitor name Visitor number Space name Time Viewing Submitted Proximity Wave Requests Managers can view all submitted Proximity Wave requests by clicking Proximity Wave   in the admin menu. Proximity Wave requests will be shown in the table A CSV of all requests can be downloaded using the Download as CSV  button in the upper right.

  • Proximity Wave

    Proximity Wave is your own digital concierge that is included in the Proximity Platform.  Use it at your front desk to greet visitors, help people request tours and notify your members of deliveries. Proximity Wave comes included in the price of every Proximity subscription and works on any tablet type with an internet browser.  Don't have a tablet? Turn the link into a QR code ! To set up Proximity Wave for your space, make…

  • Lockdown iPad for Proximity Wave

    Customers often request information on options for locking down the iPad and hiding the application URL. Below are a few possible ways to accomplish that. Recommended Options Guided Access in iOS Enabling Guided access Open Settings . Go to General and then Accessibility . Tap on Guided Access (located within the Learning section). Turn the switch to  ON . Tap on Passcode Settings  and then   Set Guided Access Passcode . Enter a passcode (you’ll…