Support Tools for Space Managers

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  • In-App Help Desk

    The Proximity Platform Help Desk is your first stop if you get stuck, want to learn about features, or just have a laugh with us by watching our Help Videos. The Help Desk will be open when you first visit the Proximity Platform. The Help Desk is visible from any management page whenever you’re logged into the Proximity Platform as a Owner or Manager. Toggle the Help Desk by clicking the ? icon next to…

  • Feature Requests

    If you have feature requests or feedback you’d like to pass along to our team, visit . Use this page to upvote your favorite requests. We do our best to accommodate all requests and use this page to keep you updated on the progress of requests.

  • Intercom

    If you run into any challenges or questions that you can’t find answers to, you can get help from a Proximity teammate through Intercom. Open the help channel from the Intercom icon found at the bottom right of the Proximity Platform. From the Intercom pop-out, you can start a conversation with our Support Team by selecting New Conversation . We will work to get you an answer to your question as quick as possible. See…

  • Pro Forma Explainer Video

    Testing the viability of your new coworking space? A pro forma is a useful tool that can help you quickly test the financial assumptions of your business. This video explains how to set it up.

  • How can I submit feedback to the Proximity developers?

    It's easy! And we really want to hear from you.  Feedback Site Our developers pay close attention to our Feedback site where you can search and read through feedback and upvote the responses. If you like a response, please  upvote the response by selecting the upwards triangle to the left of the feedback. This will have a number next to it with the number of votes it's received so you can see how popular each…

  • System Notes and How to Read Them

    You may have noticed around the platform there are a few places where you can V iew Notes . Understanding these notes is an important part to understanding how the platform works. These notes will show you changes made by users and by the system. Reading System Notes The most prominent place you'll see these notes are on member's accounts. ( Manage Members > Member Lis t > Select the member. Notes are on the…