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  • What is your Latitude & Longitude?

    Allowing your space to show up on the map is an easy way for guests or future members to find you.  Be sure your location is accurate! Enter address into Open Google Map Zoom in to exact location Right-click and select "What's here?" Select newly created pin to see the exact Latitude and Longitude Location will be listed as latitude, longitude (hint: longitude values go from -180 - 180)

  • Email Verification

    Complete the email verification process so your members can respond to your emails that are sent from the Proximity Platform. From the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Emails . At the top of the page, update the Send  Emails From  email address as your space address (e.g., The verified email must reflect a domain that you own.  A domain of Google or Hotmail (e.g., ) will not be accepted. Click Save Settings .…

  • Handling Disputes

    Disputes occur when a member requests that their bank reverse a charge. There are a number of different reasons account holders can give the bank as to why they are disputing the charge, including suspected fraud or being denied a membership cancellation. Oftentimes, these reasons are different than what you might expect and are based on a member’s limited understanding of the dispute process. Don’t take it personally. Take the time to review every dispute,…