Creating and Managing Punch Passes

Punch passes are often created to give a bulk discount on drop-ins. You have the option to choose a minimum number of punches that must be purchased to qualify for your bulk rate and you can add an expiration date as well. Discounts can't be applied to Punch Passes.

Watch this video all about punch passes!

Creating a Punch Pass Membership

Navigate to Manage Members > Memberships > Create or Edit a Membership > Under Membership Options choose Punch Pass. 

  • Choose the length of membership. You’ll likely want to make the length of the punch pass membership 1 day. This is duration of one punch.
  • Choose if you want the Punch Pass to auto-refill. You can choose, No, Optional (the member can decide), or Required(Choosing Optional or Required will create a recurring punch pass subscription). Then choose the Refill type: 
    • Top off = Each month the member's account will receive enough punches to get back to their original purchase quantity. 
    • Re-Buy = Each month the member's account will receive new punches equal to the amount they originally purchased. This could result in the member exceeding the maximum number of punches set.
    • If your space is set up to bill members on a specific day of the month, their first batch of punches may be prorated.
    • Follow this link for more on creating and managing punch pass subscriptions.
  • Add punch options. Choose the minimum and a maximum number of punches, the price per punch and if you’d like them to expire and when.
  • Check Internet Access if you want to provide access for this Membership (this only applies to spaces using Meraki WiFi integration).
  • Currently, members cannot redeem punch passes from the mobile apps.  Members must use the punch from their browser

Follow this link for instructions for Space Managers on how members can use punches.

Follow this link for instructions for Members on how to use punches.

Manually adding or removing punches administratively:

You may wish to add or remove a punch for a member. You can do this via their profile. Navigate from the dashboard to Manage Members > Member List and click on the member. Select the Punch tab and you can manually adjust (add or remove) their number of punches by editing their existing punches or clicking the Add Punches button.

  • Click View Logs for the history of the member’s Punch Passes.
  • Add Punches
    1. Choose the Membership that the punches will be associated with.
    2. Add the number of Punches.
    3. Add the reason for adding punches.
    4. Add an expiration date if desired.
      • When choosing an expiration date, make sure it is in the future. The expiration date is the "use before" date rather than the "use on" date.
  • Team punches are not displayed here.
  • Note: the member will not be charged for these punches.