Proximity Onboarding Checklist for Coworking Spaces

All of the steps in this checklist can be completed in your admin dashboard. To access the admin dashboard click on the three-line symbol in the top left corner of your Proximity portal homepage.

What do these symbols mean in this checklist?
💥  = These steps are required for your account to activate after your trial period ends


Onboarding Checklist 

  • 💥***Attach Payment Source (Settings > Payment Sources)  

  • 💥***Connect Stripe account (Settings > Integrations) 

Manage Members Tab

Manage Reservations Tab

Manage Doors Tab

  • Set up door schedules & membership key access (ignore if you don't have door access integration)

  • (Manage Doors > Schedules > Edit Member Access)

Settings Tab

  • Discounts

  • General 

    • Check all applicable boxes  

    • Set hours of operation 

    • Add policies (Terms of Service & cancelation policy)

  • Amenities
    • Create amenities to display on your homepage
  • Brand & Content
    • Logos - one light and one dark background
    • Colors - two brand colors for buttons
    • Photo Gallery - on the homepage
    • Site content - my membership page description, lead paragraph for the login screen, resource booking description, custom text for invoices
  • Emails
    • (Settings > Emails)
    • Customize the "New Membership" Email 
      • This is the email that users will receive after they register for an account for the first time and become assigned to the default membership type ("Community Member). Here is a template you can use to get started!
    • Customize the "Membership Change" Email by membership type (Optional) 
      • This is the customized email that users will receive when they upgrade to a non-default membership type. Note: If you change the membership for the member on the backend, they will not receive the Membership Change Email.
      • This email can be deactivated if desired.

Customize your Proximity site URL - Reach out to your onboarding specialist, or to request instructions.

  • This step will change your domain from to

Verify your domain - Click here for instructions 

  • This step will verify the domain attached to your email address in (Settings > Emails); when automated emails are sent from the platform to your members they will come from this email address. It's recommended to use an email like; members should not be replying to this email address. 

Optional Integrations: 

Once you complete this checklist, you’ll be ready to sign up members! 🎉

Need us to import your members for you? Just let your onboarding specialist know. 😊