How to give members "monthly free time" for reservable resources

Monthly free time is the default number of free reservation minutes that members receive each month along with their membership. If you haven't set up your reservable resources yet, start here

Customizing Membership Parameters for Reservable Resources

  • Hover over the three dots next to the resource and select Membership Parameters
  • Select Customize next to the membership. 
  • You will repeat/customize all the steps below for each membership under each reservable resource. Please note: You can use the Copy To button to speed up this process but all default settings will be copied. This is especially important to note if you do not allow reservations on a resource and are copying those default settings to another resource that you want reservations to be allowed on.
    1. Price per Hour: the hourly rate for that membership
    2. Max Days Out: the most days in advance that your members can book on the resource
    3. Doors: If using Salto or a Proximity Open door controller, this option will allow you to select which doors members get key access to with a reservation at the resource
    4. Monthly Free Time: the default number of free minutes members receive for this resource (typically set to 0 and then set per membership type or resource category)
    5. Minimum Booking Time: the minimum amount of time in which the resource can be reserved
    6. Maximum Booking Time: the maximum amount of time in which the resource can be reserved
    7. Start Time: The resource cannot be reserved before this time.
    8. End Time:The resource cannot be reserved past this time.
      • Please note: Start and end time must be within the same day from 12am-12am. Currently, we do not support resource times spanning over the course of two days i.e 8pm-6am. 
    9. Allow members to make reservations on this resource: Check this box to allow members to book this reservable resource. 
      • Please note: If this box is not checked, the resource will still show on the calendar, but members will not be able to book this resource.
    10. Check Require Manager Approval: Check this box if the reservation must be approved by a space manager before it is confirmed.
      • Please note: If this box is checked and the reservation is not accepted before the reservation starts, it will be automatically canceled.
    11. Require Check In: Check this box if the member is required to check in within 15 minutes of the reservation start time on the Proximity Room View App, or it will be forfeited. 
      • If you do not have Proximity Room View set up for this Reservable Resource, do not check this box.
      • Room View is available on iOS and Android devices 
    12. Click Update Access to save your changes.