Create Reservable Resources

Now that you have added Categories, you can create your Reservable Resources. These could be conference rooms, phone booths, event space, and more.

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Reservations > Reservable Resources.
  2. Click the New Reservable Resource button.
  3. Create a name for your resource.
  4. Choose the appropriate Category.
  5. Add a Description of your resource. Example: “This is our largest conference room on the 2nd floor. This room seats 10 comfortably, and it’s free for Dedicated Members to use for meetings, potlucks, networking events, and whatever else you are wanting to host!”
  6. Select Browse to upload an image of your Reservable Resource.
  7. Enter the Number of Seats.

The following fields are the parameters your members will have to follow to reserve the resource. These fields will affect all members unless you set up special Membership Parameters for the resource. Once these fields are complete, you will be able to change the parameters for other Membership Types by clicking Membership Parameters next to any resource from the Reservable Resource page. 

If multiple Membership Types have the same Membership Parameters, select Copy To to duplicate the settings for other Membership Types.

  1. Enter your Price per Hour, which is your standard hourly pricing for the Reservable Resource.
  2. Enter your Max Days Out, which is the most days in advance from the reservation date that your members can book.
  3. Add Monthly Free Time for the number of free minutes members receive for this resource.
  4. Enter Minimum Booking Time for the minimum amount of time the resource can be reserved.
  5. Enter Maximum Booking Time for the maximum amount of time the resource can be reserved.
  6. Choose a Start Time. The resource cannot be reserved before this time.
  7. Choose an End Time. The resource cannot be reserved past this time.
  8. Check Accept Reservations to allow members to book this reservable resource. If this box is not checked, the resource will still show on the calendar, but members will not be able to book this resource.
  9. Check Require Manager Approval if the reservation must be approved by the space.
  10. Check Require Check In if the resource must be signed in within 15 minutes of the reservation start, through Proximity Room View App, or it will be forfeited. 
    • If you do not have Proximity Room View set up for this Reservable Resource, do not check this box.
    • Room View is available on iOS devices
  11. Add Increment (Minutes) which is the time increment in which reservations may be booked (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1-hour increments).
  12. Select a Linked Google Calendar if you would like your Reservable Resources integrated with Google Calendars. This can be done in Settings > Services. For more information on Google Calendars, check out the Google Calendar Integration page.
  13. Click Create Resource.

Now that you have created your Reservable Resource, you can customize membership parameters for each Membership Type. You will repeat steps 1-12 above for each Membership Type under each Reservable Resource. You can use the Copy To button to speed up this process.