Reservable Resource Free Time

Free Time is an amount of time provided to the member that does not require payment. This is a perk of some coworking membership types.

  • Free Time is deducted from the member's account as soon as the time is booked, not when the reservation starts.  
  • Free Time will be returned if reservation is cancelled before its start time.  
  • Free time is applied to the month during which the member books a reservation, not the month during which the reservation is scheduled.
  • Free time resets in the 1st of the month, even for day pass members.  
  • Free time is used before attempting to use a user's payment source or team payment method

How Is Free Time Deducted / Credited?

  • When a reservation is made, no matter what month that reservation is for, free time is deducted from the current month.
    • That means if it’s November, and I make a reservation for December 15th, I will use November’s remaining free time to make that reservation.
  • When a reservation is cancelled before it is started, free time is returned to the month the free time came from.
    • This means that if I cancel the December reservation while it’s still November, I will get my free time back.
  • Free time resets every month on the 1st.
    • This means that if I cancel the reservation on or after December 1st, even if it’s before the reservation begins, I do not get any free time back because that free time came from November and my November free time is gone because it reset on December 1st.

How do I set up Free Time per membership type? 

There are two ways to set up free time for members. You can set up free time per reservable resource or you can set up categories and give pooled free time between every resource in the category. 

To set up free time via categories take these steps. 

  1. Navigate to Reservations > Categories and create a new category. 
  2. On the reservable resource page create a resource for each resource in that category. As you set up those resources, add them to the category and set the price for the default price you’d like to charge to your base membership. (in the case of a traditional coworking space, we set this price of what we would charge the public to book a conference room.)
  3. Once you’ve set the base level of terms for each resource, edit the membership parameters (click the three dots to the right of the resource) to indicate the price that each membership type would pay to book this resource.
  4. After you’ve completed that, return to the category to set the free time that each membership type is allowed in that category. Click on the three dots to find the membership parameters. 

To set up free time via individual reservable resources rather than categories, complete steps 2 and 3 adding the free time to the membership type in step 3.