Creating Recurring Reservations

This document applies to: Coworking

To create a recurring reservation for yourself or on behalf of a member, you must first ensure recurring reservations are enabled for the resource in which you're wanting to book. 

Creating a Recurring Reservation

Navigate to Reservations in the top navigation tool bar and select Book Now.

  1. Choose the resource, date, and time that you would like to start the Recurring Reservation. 
  2. Check the box that says, "Make this a recurring reservation starting on, _____"
  3. You'll have the option to make the reservation recur daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  4. Choose when you want the recurring reservation to end. By default they will go on indefinitely until cancelled, but you may also set a specific end date.
  5. Select Continue. The next screen will give you an overview of your reservations that will let you know if you have any time conflicts with previous reservations made by other members, the current cost summary, and the total price for the current month. 
  6. Click the "Complete Reservation" button to create your recurring reservation.

What is a Conflict?

Conflicts happen when one of your recurring reservation occurrences overlaps a reservation that existed before you completed your reservation. Your recurring reservation will still be created, but you will not receive reservations on dates with conflicts as the existing reservations take precedence. You will not be charged for reservations that are unable to be created due to a conflict.

What happens if a conflict gets cancelled?

If the conflicting reservation is cancelled prior to the month it is scheduled for, you will receive your recurring reservation for that date.  If the conflicting reservation is cancelled in the month that it is scheduled for, nothing will happen, however you can always create a one-time reservation for that date. 

Can I use discount codes on a Recurring Reservation?

Yes, you can use discount codes for recurring reservations. There are slight differences, outlined below, as to how recurring and non-recurring discounts are applied.

  • Non-recurring discountswill only be applied to the first occurrence of a recurring reservation. 
    • They will only be able to be applied if the first occurrence of a recurring reservation has a cost.
    • Discounts are not split between multiple reservations
  • Recurring discounts will be applied to each occurrence of a recurring reservation until the recurring reservation is cancelled.

I am on a Team, can I still make Recurring Reservations?

Yes, however any recurring reservations created will be billed to your personal payment source. Currently, Team reservation budgets are not supported at this time.

How is monthly free time used with Recurring Reservations?

Since free time is billed on the 1st of the month, your recurring reservations will use the resource free time available for that month. Once the free time is used up then each occurrence of your Recurring Reservations will be billed for the remaining amounts beyond your free time allotment. 

  • Please note that free time will be used/applied to your Recurring Reservations in the order in which your Recurring Reservations were created, NOT in the chronological order of each occurrence of your various Recurring Reservations.
  • Reservations that have deducted monthly free time from the member's account, will be returned back to the customer if the reservation is canceled before the occurrence.

Billing for Recurring Reservations

Recurring reservations are billed on the first of the month (this is separate from the Member's renewal date). Follow this link for more info.