Billing for Recurring Reservations

Recurring Reservations that start in the current month

You will be charged for any recurring reservations that begin in the current month at the time of making your reservation. 

  • Any free time remaining in the current month will be applied to each occurrence until the free time is runs out. 
  • At this time, Team Reservation Budgets cannot be used for Recurring Reservations. However, Team members can still make Recurring Reservations, but they will need to enter a personal payment source and they will be billed for their Recurring Reservations.

When will I be billed for future Recurring Reservations?

You will be billed on the 1st of every month for every occurrence of your Recurring Reservations that will occur in that month. We will send you an overview email 3 days before the end of the month with a summary of the Recurring Reservations that are about to be billed. This overview email will show you the total cost of all of your Recurring Reservations. Any other existing reservations that conflict with your Recurring Reservation will be denoted and you will not be billed for those occurrences because we are unable to reserve them. 

Do I get to use my free time before being billed for my future recurring reservations?

Yes, since free time is billed on the 1st of the month, your recurring reservations will use the resource free time available for that month. Once the free time is used up then each occurrence of your Recurring Reservations will be billed for the remaining amounts beyond your free time allotment. 

  • Please note that free time will be used/applied to your Recurring Reservations in the order in which your Recurring Reservations were created, NOT in the chronological order of each occurrence of your various Recurring Reservations.