SALTO Integration

Proximity now integrates with SALTO lock systems and SALTO door controllers. This integration allows space owners and managers to leverage SALTO hardware with the Proximity software platform. SALTO locks and IQs will be hardwired to internet then communicate wirelessly via bluetooth to unlock/lock the doors.

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If you have SALTO locks:

Proximity's integration works directly with SALTO locks. To use this integration, you'll also need SALTO IQ installed. One IQ can connect to locks up to 30 feet away. If you have SALTO locks, you do not need a Proximity door controller.

If you do not have SALTO locks:

If you have non-SALTO locks already installed at your space, use a SALTO door controller plus SALTO IQ with the Proximity integration. One IQ can connect to locks up to 30 feet away. The SALTO door controller is compatible with electric strike and mag locks.

Integration Features:

The SALTO + Proximity integration allows you to:

  • Display digital keys via the Proximity iOS and Android mobile apps and allow members to unlock doors at your space
  • Assign unlocking permissions to membership types or individual members
  • Offer 24/7 access with select membership types or to individuals who have active and paid memberships managed through your Proximity site
  • Enable digital key access with reservations at your space (for 15 minutes before and after the reservation time and during the reservation)
  • Record a check-in and door log when anyone unlocks a door to your space via the Proximity mobile apps

Through the SALTO app, users with admin permissions can:

  • Schedule times for doors to automatically lock and match these permissions with membership types or individual members managed on your Proximity site
  • Use SALTO key codes and key fobs assigned from the SALTO platform
  • View door logs to see who unlocked a door using a Salto key fob 
    • Door logs and check-ins will only show in the Proximity dashboard if the person unlocks a door using their digital key through the Proximity Mobile app

Connect the SALTO Integration


These steps will be completed before connecting the integration to Proximity. Your space will need to grant access to a single user in SALTO that will then be used to connect the integration to your Proximity site. There should only necessarily need to be (2) members on your SALTO site: (1) an admin, and (2) your Proximity Platform user.

  1. Create Organization
    • If you're a multispace brand, this would be your brand. Or your space name if you are a single space.
  2. Create Site
    • This will be your space name.
    • Organizations can have multiple sites. Each site has its own hardware (locks/IQs).
  3. Create 'Proximity Platform' User
    • Role: Site admin
    • Turn everything on for this user.
    • Access Groups: You can ignore this page and go to the next page.
    • Email Address: Must be an accessible email address or the integration will not work to activate your IQs
      • We suggest using a general email address that you will always have access to.
    • Phone Number: Must be an accessible phone number or the integration will not work to activate your IQs

In Proximity:

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > SALTO KS.

  1. Select Connect.
  2. Login using the 'Proximity Platform' user you created in the SALTO steps.
  3. Check all of the boxes.
  4. Check Full access and offline access.
  5. Select Yes, Allow.
  6. Once the integration is connected, you'll see Salto KS connected, Site ID linked.

Activate IQs in Proximity:

Navigate to Manage Doors > Manage Settings.

  • This page will show a list of all IQs enrolled in the SALTO site. You do not have to activate each IQ unless you want the lock to be active on your Proximity site/app.

To link and activate IQs:

  1. Select Edit.
  2. Go through the confirmation screen.
  3. Request a pin.
  4. Enter the pin.
  5. Save

Access Types:

  • Grant access only: Members will have 7 seconds to open the door.
  • Grant access & office mode: if you want members to be able to keep door unlocked. This could be used for locks for private offices, or reservable resources.
    • Please note: If this access type is chosen for the lock, members will be able to choose to leave the door unlocked until the lock button is chosen or the schedule is set to lock.

Edit Lock Name in Proximity

This will only change the lock name in Proximity. For example,  you could name the lock "Front Door."

Navigate to Manage Doors > Manage Settings.

  1. Select Link Lock on the lock you wish to edit. 
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Edit the SALTO lock name and Save.

Set a Lock Schedule in Salto:

Please note: This will only LOCK the door. This will not schedule the door to unlock.

Navigate to your SALTO site.

  1. Select Locks.
  2. Choose the lock in which you want to set a lock schedule.
  3. Edit.
  4. Set the schedule.
  5. Save.

Add Door Access for Reservations

To give door access with a reservation, navigate from the dashboard to Manage Reservations > Reservable Resources and select the reservable resource that you'd like to add door access to. Scroll down to doors and select the doors that the reserver would have access to. 

Keep in mind that only the person making the reservation will have door access and they will have door access 15 minutes before through 15 minutes after their reservation. If they end their reservation early, door access will only be available 15 minutes after the end time. Likewise, if they extend their reservation, door access will extend.

Note: This works with digital keys, not key fobs or pin pad access.


Do not disconnect the integration, the only way to deactivate the IQ is to have the same user deactivate the IQ.

If the integration is disconnected and reconnected, you will need to contact Proximity to get it in working condition again.

Troubleshooting SALTO Integration:

If your SALTO integration suddenly stops working and you only see the above error on the door settings page, don't panic! SALTO requires you re-authenticate every 90 or so days. To fix this, you will need to disconnect SALTO in the "Integrations" page, and then re-connect it. It is important that you reconnect using the same user account that originally connect to it. Do not worry about the above warning - in this case, we will not delete anything. If you reconnect the integration after getting this error, all of your IQs and Doors will still be there!