HubSpot Integration

Proximity now integrates with HubSpot to help automate your email marketing and more.

Setting Up the Integration

In Proximity:

Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  • Click Connect.
  • You will be redirected to HubSpot where you can log in to the account you want to link to your Proximity site.
  • After selecting the account, there will be a confirmation page. After confirming, you will be redirected back to Proximity.


  • Once connected, space members in Proximity will be automatically uploaded into HubSpot Contacts list.
  • Changes made to members in Proximity will automatically change contacts in HubSpot.
    • Note: Updating email address will create a separate entry in HubSpot.
  • The integration syncs for each member: 
    • Name (first and last)
    • Email
    • Membership level
      • Note: In HubSpot, you may need to edit your table view to see membership type.
  • If you have more than one space connected to the same HubSpot account, all members/users will be synced to the same contact list.
  • When a member is removed from a space in Proximity, they are not automatically removed from HubSpot.
  • Disconnecting the integration will not delete contacts from HubSpot (must be deleted in HubSpot).