Zapier Integration

Applies to Workplace, Coworking

Proximity  integrates with Zapier, one of the most popular ways to automate tasks through customized workflows. Zapier works by watching for new or updated data in Proximity  and uses that data to complete tasks in other connected apps (such as Gmail, or Mailchimp.)

To get started, you will need to have a Zapier account. 

Create a Zap In Zapier:

Navigate to Create Zap.

  1. Trigger: Choose Proximity as the app.
  2. Trigger Event: Choose the event in Proximity that you want to create a Zap for. 
    • This can range from Membership Changed to Member Behind on Payments, to a Reservation Ended, and more.
    • Please note: These events are created by Proximity. If you are needing a different event added to the list, please reach out to Support.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Choose Account: Choose your Zapier account.
  5. You will then need to login to your Proximity account through Zapier. You can enter in your Proximity URL from Zapier to login.
  6. After you're logged in, you will be able to choose the space. All spaces in which you are an admin will show in this list.
  7. Continue.
  8. Select Test Trigger. If there are no recent changes that would trigger the Zap, the next screen will allow you to skip the test.
  9. Continue.
  10. Action: Select the app in which you want Zapier to complete a task in. (For example: If you want Gmail to create a draft to the member every time their membership changes, select Gmail.)
  11. Choose an event for the app. (In the example above, you would choose Create Draft.)
  12. Continue.
  13. Log in to the app and/or choose the account.
  14. Continue.
  15. Set up action: You can choose the different fields in with Zapier will automatically fill out. (For example, if you chose to send a draft email, you want want the Tofield to be the member's email address.)
    • The data in these fields are created by Proximity. If you are needing different data added to the app, please reach out to Support.
  16. Follow the prompts to finish creating the Zap.

Please note:

  • Proximity  cannot provide direct support for Zapier.
  • If there are events or data that you would like to add from Proximity , please reach out on Support using the chat bubble in the right hand corner of your dashboard.