Shared Memberships

This document applies to: Coworking

Shared Memberships provide an easy way to allow two or more members to access a space for one membership fee. For example, many coworking spaces allow members in an office to share it with their employees at no additional charge.

How Shared Memberships Work

  • A Shared Membership includes one 'parent' member and a certain number of additional 'child' members. 
  • The 'parent' member is the member that pays for the membership and any Reservable Resource reservations. All custom charges or invoices (if not billed immediately) will be billed to the 'child' members.
  • Space Managers can set a limit on how many additional members can be included in a member's shared membership, but that limit can be exceeded by the Space Manager.
  • The parent and child(ren) of the Shared Membership share the allotted monthly free time, and the payment source of the parent member is used when making Reservable Resource reservations. The parent and child(ren) receive the same digital key access (if applicable) as determined by the door schedule attached to the Membership itself

Setting Up a Shared Membership

  1. To create a Shared Membership, use your dashboard and go to Manage Members > Memberships and select the Membership you would like to be shared or create a new membership.
  2. Check the box that says Allow this membership to be shared with multiple members?
  3. Enter the maximum number of additional members that you want to allow.
  4. Note: Shared Memberships do not apply to day passes, punch-passes, or free memberships. 

Adding Shared Members

  1. Use your dashboard and go to Manage Members > Member List. Search for the member that will be the parent of the shared membership.
  2. If the member does not occupy a Shared Membership, change their Membership and save the changes.
  3. Revisit their account and click the tab that says "Shared Membership."
  4. Type or copy & paste the email address of a shared member into the field and click the "Add" button. Note: you can only add a member to a share that is already part of your Member List

Upgrading a Shared Membership

  • If a parent member wants to upgrade their shared membership, the new membership must have the capability to be shared. All members will be carried over to the new upgraded membership.
  • If the parent member upgrades to a non-shareable membership, the child members will be downgraded to the default-level membership.
  • Child members are prevented from switching memberships while on a shared membership. Child members must reach out to a manager to unlink their shared membership before they can change to another membership.