Mailchimp Integration

Connect your Mailchimp account to your member list and stay connected to your members! 

Connect Your Mailchimp Account

From the dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp tab.

  • Mailchimp: An email marketing platform that allows you to easily target and email members.
    • When your Mailchimp account is connected to Proximity, your new members’ emails will go into your Mailchimp account and on the list you have selected and each member will be tagged as their membership. This updates as your members' memberships change.

As of January 2019, members are tagged by Membership in Mailchimp! This makes it simple to target only the selected members when sending out campaigns. Additionally, the integration integrates names too, so messages can be personalized.  The updates sync all members, not just new signups, and will continue to add and update users and Memberships as your space grows.


  1. Verify the list that is connected to Proximity in the Manage portal is the same that they are accessing on
  2. Check if other users have gotten through or if it is limited to these users.
  3. Check if the users entered a valid email (sometimes Mailchimp will reject what it thinks are invalid emails).
  4. You can safely disconnect and reconnect the integration to resync everyone. If you are still seeing issues, the users could have been permanently deleted in which case Mailchimp would not allow them to be added back to the same list, so you can create a new list to sync to. If none of that works, there could be an issue and we can take a closer look for you.
  5. You can also try to make a new list. You would have to create a new “Audience” in Mailchimp and then in our software visit Settings > Services, then select the new audience/list, and save.

ER 7.19.21