Creating and Managing Add-ons

Add-ons are a great way to bill a member for something that is additional to their membership. This could be something recurring like a sit-stand desk that you’d bill for every month or something that happens one time like photo copies. Another great example of an add-on is a Community Member having a recurring, monthly add-on for a virtual mailbox. When the add-on is applied to a Community Member membership, the Community Member can still purchase punch passes and daily drop-ins to use the space.

Creating an Add-on: 

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Members > Add-ons.
  2. Choose the New Add-on button at the top of the page. 
  3. Create a Name for your add-on. 
  4. Add a Cost; if you leave it blank, the add-on will be free. 
  5. Choose Taxes, if applicable.
  6. Check the Recurring box if this add-on will bill on a recurring basis (such as every month).
  7. Enter the number of Occurrences, which is the total number of times the add-on will bill or leave blank to continue to bill indefinitely.
  8. Check the Enabled box if this add-on is currently available. Un-check if this add-on is no longer available. If un-checked, it will still be billed to any member that has the add-on applied.
  9. Create a Description of the add-on.
  10. Choose the Membership Types that will apply to this add-on.
  11.  Click the Create Add-on button to save.

Managing an Add-on: 

  • Members can only apply Add-ons at the time they sign up. 
  • Managers can always apply Add-ons to the membership from the Edit Member page; add-ons cannot be retroactively applied on the member's front end. For this reason, managers have the option of charging the member for the prorated amount of the add-on.
  • Add-ons remain available to members who had the add-ons before the add-on was updated to not be "Enabled".
  • When add-ons are created by owners/managers after members have signed up for a membership type, only registering members will see the newly applied add-ons.  Similarly, previously existing members will not be able to select newly created add-on from their view.

To administratively add an add-on to a member's account navigate to Manage Members > Member List > select Edit for the member > select the add-on(s) from the drop-down menu. Select Save Changes.

Follow this link to learn about Add-ons for Teams.

ER 10.8.20