User Invoices

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

This report gives an overview of daily revenues and a list of invoices and line items. This is not an accounting report and should not be used for reconciliation as some line items may be accounted for in the wrong month (e.g. an invoice paid in June that was refunded in July would be accounted for entirely in June). For proper reconciliation, please refer to the Ledger Export, Revenue Report, and Reconciliation Report.

Navigate to Reports > User Invoices

What's included in this report:

  • A comparison of revenue (based on invoices) of the selected period to the prior corresponding period

  • Member Invoices
    • Click Download as .CSV to export invoice data.
    • Use the search box to search or filter.
    • Summary of all Invoices in a searchable table
      • ID: Unique ID for that Invoice
      • Date: Invoice Date
      • Name: Member Name
      • Description: Brief summary of invoice
      • Total Charges: Sum of charges due from member
      • Total Due: Amount awaiting payment
      • Total Refunds: Sum of refunds provided to member
      • Status: Open or closed 
    • Next to each invoice, click Download to display a PDF of the invoice or Manage to carry out more actions on the invoice
    • More info on managing invoices.