Can members schedule their memberships?

To enable your members to have a pending start date, navigate to your dashboard > Settings > General.

Under Space Options, check the box that says Allow members to choose a date in the future to start their memberships when signing up.

When members go to sign up for a membership, they will then have the option of choosing a date in the future to start that membership. 

The member will still be required to enter in their payment information and will be charged for the membership. If you bill your members on the same day each month (General Settings), the member will be charged the prorated amount from when their membership starts to their next billing date (typically the 1st of the month.) If consolidated billing is not enabled, the member will be charged for the full membership and their next renewal date will be set for the next billing cycle. I.e: one month for a monthly membership.

You can also schedule a start date for NEW members by navigating to Manage Members > Member List > Add Member.

ER 9.23.20