Accounting Ledger Export

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

Use the ledger of accounts to track transactions, fees, refunds, and all other financial exchanges. This data can be imported into accounting software and mapped to your chart of accounts, or it can be used to build graphs and models that we haven't even dreamed up yet. There's a lot of data there, so if you don't know what to do with it, your accountant probably does.

Click here for an article on how to filter your general ledger using Google Sheets.

Navigate to Reports > Ledger Export

  • This report was created specifically for accountants.
  • Every single transaction is listed in a journal entry format, complete with offsetting debits and credits.
  • Presently, this report does not load in the browser, so you will need to use the CSV download option.  
  • Credit/debit, in this report, will change the balance of an account, but the rules differ depending on what type of account it is.
  • There are 5 general categories of accounts. Each group has a specific set of rules.
    • Type (Category of Account)IncreaseDecrease
      Asset DebitCredit