Add and Manage Users

This document applies to: Workplace

Add User Manually

  1. Begin by going to the User List under Manage Users
  2. Click the green Add User button near the top.
  3. Enter an Email, First Name, and Last Name, followed by which User Group you wish to place them in.

Mass User Import
Your Product Specialist will be able to import a spreadsheet of Users you wish to import. Ensure all users are listed accurately on a spreadsheet (DOWNLOAD Sample Spreadsheet)

  • Full Name
  • Email: no duplicate emails
  • User Group: Marketing, Finance, Operations, Executives, Guest, etc
  • Assigned workspace, if applicable: Marketing (Conference Room 1,2,3 & Private Office 1,2); Guest (Conference Room 1)

Manage Users
Begin by going to the User List under Manage Users. Select the User you wish to manage.

Change User Group: Found under General Info

Add, Remove, Modify Reservations: Found under Resource Reservations. More details can be found HEREWant to add a shared membership to an assignment? CLICK HERE

Invoices & Payment Sources: Found under Billing. Want to delegate a master Payment Source to other Users? CLICK HERE

Make Someone an Admin: Found under Settings. More details can be found HERE