Add a New Admin to Your Space (Proximity for Workplace)

APPLIES TO: Workplace

Admins of your space have access to the dashboard (or what we sometimes refer to as the backend) of your Proximity site. The permissions and access will be different for both Space Owners and Space Managers. 

Add an Admin to your Site

Navigate to Manage Users > User List > Select the user

  1. Select the Settings tab
  2. From here, you can check the box next to Space Manager, Space Owner, or both.
    • Space owners will be able to make any changes to your site and will be able to reach out to Support to have our team make changes to your site as well (including cancelling the site and adding new admins).
    • Space managers will receive the automatic emails for your space.
    • If you choose to make a user a space manager, you can also choose to check the box to make them Visible as a Community Manager. This will list the user as a community manager in the User Directory.
  3. Save Changes