Google Workspace Integration

This document applies to: Workplace

Proximity allows you to connect your Google Workspace account to your reservable resources enabling sync between your Proximity  resources and Google resources and calendars. This sync is two way and ensures that your resources such as conference rooms are not double booked, regardless of how your team reserves time. 

Know the Privacy Implications

This integration gives Proximity  the ability to see information about all users in your organization, all of your users' calendars, all of your organization's resource calendars and to see/add/edit/remove events from any of those calendars.

How to Connect

Google Workspace integration requires a deeper connection than typical integrations. This process should take less than 10 minutes, but there are several steps that must be followed in order. 

  1. In Google Workspace, navigate to Security > Access & Data Control > API Controls. Scroll to the bottom and click Manage Domain Wide Delegation.
  2. In the list of API Clients, click Add New.
  3. Enter the following information (copy and paste is recommended):
    1. Client ID: 112173626673486539702
    2. OAuth Scopes:
    3. If you have already added the Proximity  client to your API Clients list, make sure the box labeled Overwrite existing client ID is checked. Otherwise it is safe to ignore.
    4. Click Authorize to finish.
  4. Still in Google Workspace, navigate to Account > Account Settings and copy your Customer ID.
  5. Create an Administrator user in Google for Proximity  to use
    1. Navigate to Directory > Users. Click Add new user
    2. Fill in the appropriate details for this user.
      1. It is not important what information you enter, but we recommend this not be an actual person and be named something like Proximity  Integration.
      2. Use a strong and secure password as this account will have admin access to your Google Workspace organization.
    3. Save the user and view the new user's details.
    4. Scroll down to Admin roles and privileges and click Assign Roles.
    5. Assign the Super Admin role and click Save.
  6. In Proximity , navigate to Settings > Integrations > Google Workspace
  7. Paste your Customer ID obtained in Step 4.
  8. Paste in the email address of the new admin user you created in Step 5.
  9. Click Save.

Note: It may take several minutes after setting up your credentials and admin user in Google for those changes to be available to Proximity . If your initial connection attempt does not work, wait a few minutes and try again.