Connect SALTO KS and Activate IQs

Before you begin the integration, make sure you connect with Proximity Support and ask them to enable this Beta feature for you. 

  1. Click the "Connect to SALTO KS" button on the "Integrations" page.

  2. Log in to the SALTO KS Identity server using a "Site Admin" account created in the SALTO KS site. We recommend creating an account specifically for the Proximity Platform to access the SALTO KS API. This user needs to have a valid mobile phone number attached to it. The phone number will be used later to verify your identity via SMS.

  3. Authorize the Proximity platform to use the SALTO KS API by clicking the "YES, ALLOW" button. Be sure to check the "Full Access" and "Offline Access" checkboxes.

  4. SALTO KS should now be connected to your site on the Proximity platform. We now need to activate the first IQ. This is done by entering a temporary pin that SALTO KS will send to the authorized user via SMS.

  5. Enter the temporary pin you received via SMS and click "Save" to activate the first IQ.

  6. After your pin is verified your first IQ will be activated with a permanent pin and any remaining IQs should be enrolled and activated automatically. You're now ready to test the first lock!

  7. Visit the "My Keys" page by clicking your avatar in the upper right and click the lock button to unlock the door!