Creating and Managing Events

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

Create all of your events in the Proximity Platform and connect your Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Hubspot to build your network. Communicate and track events happening in your space. This can include lunch and learns, after-hours events, classes, and much more.

Create Events

  • From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Events > Upcoming Events or Manage Events > Past Events.
  • Click the New Event button in the upper right corner
  • Enter a Name for your event (minimum of 5 characters).
  • Event Visibility: Do you want the event visible or public? This can be used if you're not ready to display your event yet.
  • Upload a Promo Image for your event.
  • Create a Start Date and Start Time (both are required).
  • Create an End Date and End Time (both are required).
  • Enter a Description (minimum of 20 characters).
  • Enter location information on the Address lines.
  • If applicable, enter the Lowest and Highest Ticket Prices.
    • If used, the Lowest Ticket Price must be $0 or more.
    • The Highest Ticket Price must be higher than the Lowest Ticket Price.
  • Click Register through Proximity for events that are free.
    • If applicable, enter the maximum number of registrants for the event.
  • Enter a Registration Link when events are not free and you need to use a third-party to manage tickets.
  • Enter the Max # of Registrants. Leave this blank if there is no max. 
    • Once the Max # of Registrants is reached, no one else can register for the event. If members cancel their registration then others can register for the event. 
  • If you would like to display information to members after they have registered for an event, like additional instructions or a Zoom link, add information to the Information to show members after the registration field.

Manage Events

To review, edit, copy, or delete upcoming or past events.

  • From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Events. 
  • Select Upcoming Events or Past Events.
  • View and filter the list of events.
  • Click the Edit button to change details around an existing event.
  • Click the Copy button to copy the event.
  • Click the Delete button to delete the event.

Please note that Proximity does not currently support paid events.