How to set a perimeter (geofence) on my space so members can access their keys?

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace

Space admins can access keys remotely from anywhere. For the safety of your space, members are limited to their access to a specific radius as defined in your door settings.

To manage these settings, navigate to

Manage Doors > Manage Settings > hover over the ••• to Edit the door > click on the name of the door you want to edit.  

First, you will need to set the latitude and longitude for the door. Then, enter the distance from the door they need to be to use their keys. We usually recommend 200 feet. 

Note: If members are having issues accessing their keys after turning on the geo-fence for your space, make sure location settings on their devices are turned on. They may also need to restart the app and/or device.