Guest Pass Rules

Proximity Guest Pass is one of the coolest things about being in the Proximity Network. With this pass, full-time members can drop-in, for free, at any participating space in the Network up to three times a month.

Here's how it works:

• Recurring members who bill at $99 or more per month have access to Proximity Guest Pass (if it's allowed per their membership type.)

• Guest Pass can be used up to 3 times per month at participating spaces in the Proximity Network. This is a total of three times per month and all three of those days can be used at either a single space or various spaces.

• Your Guest Passes members will be prompted to use a pass from the Meraki splash page, when they attempt to gain WiFi access at your space. 

• If your space does not have Meraki integration, you don't need to validate anything. Simply share your guest WiFi credentials and they can get to work.

• Guest Pass uses do not roll over.

• Whenever possible, please encourage your members to let the space they plan to visit know they're coming ahead of time.

• The default expectation would be that Guest Pass users may use your space during regular business hours and they will not automatically receive door access. However, it's up to you if you want to make special accommodations for after-hours use.

What the heck is Guest Pass? (We used to call it Roaming.) It's one of the cool things about being in the Proximity Network. It allows your members to use other spaces in the network on a limited basis, for free. You can turn on Guest Pass for your qualifying members under their Membership Type.  

Here's some language we use to explain it to our Proximity Space members (feel free to use!):

This membership includes Proximity Guest Pass giving you free access, up to three days per month, at any space in the world-wide Proximity Network (map).

  • or  -

Full-time Proximity Space members can use Proximity Guest Pass to drop in three times a month at coworking spaces throughout the Proximity Network.