Guest Pass vs. Nomad

One of the best things about being in the Proximity Network is the benefits available to your members. Both Guest Pass and Proximity Nomad are tools for members to work out of other coworking spaces in the Proximity Network. The biggest difference between the two is reimbursement. 

  • Guest Pass is reciprocal - Your space will offer free drop-ins to members in the network and other spaces in the network offer free drop-ins to your members.
  • Proximity Nomad is a global membership at every space in the Proximity Network so any time a Nomad visits your space, you get reimbursed - at a price you choose! Nomad is currently disabled due to Covid. Please reach out to Support with questions.

Check out the details about the two and the ways that they differ:

Guest Pass

  • Guest Pass must be enabled on each of your Memberships. This can be done by navigating to Manage Members > Memberships from the dashboard and clicking Edit next to any membership.
  • This can be enabled for any Membership that bills $99 or more on a recurring basis.
  • Guest Pass is reciprocal, and by participating in this offering, you are choosing to allow other Guest Pass users to visit your space.
  • Members that qualify for Guest Pass will get 3 visits each month to drop in and work out of any other coworking space in the Proximity Network.
  • Guest Pass visits may be used all at the same coworking space or at different coworking spaces.
  • Guest Pass visits do not roll over to the next month.
  • If you offer Guest Pass to your members, it is really important that you let them know about this benefit to their membership. Members are often thrilled to know they have access to so many coworking spaces in the Proximity Network!

Proximity Nomad

  • Proximity Nomad is a traveling membership for those that do not have a home coworking space.
  • Anyone may purchase monthly Proximity Nomad credits which can be redeemed at coworking spaces around the globe that have opted-in to Proximity Nomad on our map. (
  • Any coworking space is able to easily add themselves to the Proximity Nomad Network whether they use Proximity as their coworking platform or not.
  • For more information on adding your coworking space to Proximity Nomad, check out our Nomad Settings page.
  • When a member visits your space, you’ll be reimbursed by Proximity at the rate that you chose when signing up!
  • Nomad is currently disabled due to Covid-19. Please reach out to Support with questions.