How can I create a full and half day reservable resource?

You cannot currently automatically offer full/half day bookings, although this is something the software will be capable of in the future! We do have a workaround that a few spaces use.

To offer full/half day bookings, you will need to:

  1. Create a new resource by navigating to Manage Reservations > Reservable Resources > New Reservable Resource.
  2. Fill out all of the fields, but the fields that will be most important are:
  3. Price - you will need to divide the total price by the amount of total hours. Ex. If your room costs $100 for an 8 hour day, the price per hour would be $12.50.
  4. Minimum and maximum booking time: If you want this resource available for 8 hours, you would make the maximum booking time 480 minutes. 
    1. You will want the minimum to be the same if you are only offering a full day. 
    2. If you are also offering a half day at half the price, you could make the minimum booking time 240 minutes.
  5. Start/End Time: These will need to correlate with the total hours. If it's 8 hours, you'll need to make sure the times are set for 8 hours. Ex. 9am-5pm.
  6. Allow Reservations on this Resource: needs to be checked to allow reservations on the resource.
  7. You will need to check the box that says "Require manager approval" so that you are not getting double bookings on your resources. This will need to be turned on for all resources that are the same. 
    1. If you only allow the resource to be booked by the full day and only have one reservable resource, you will not need to turn on manager approval.
  8. Increment: You will want this to be the same as your minimum booking time.

This example is for a resource that's available to be booked for a half day and a full day. The half day is $50/4 hours and the full day is $100/8 hours.

  • For this workaround, you would need (2) separate resources if you offer the resource by the hour as well as by the day.
  • You can have the full/half day option on the same resource unless they are different prices (if the half day is more than half of what the full day costs.)