How to Purchase Punches Once for a Team

This document applies to: Coworking

We currently have a workaround for a team to purchase punches one time instead of being locked into buying them monthly. These are the steps to follow to make sure the punches are purchased correctly and not prorated.

  1. Create a team without punches (Don't add them and then remove them - you'll have to start over with a new team!)
  2. Activate the team by completing all of the steps and choosing "Invite + Finish" on the last step
  3. Navigate to the team's Team Settings page
    1. Select the team
    2. Press the "cog" icon on the top-right of the next page
  4. Check the box next to "Punches"
  5. Choose a space
  6. Choose a membership (Make sure it's the right membership before you select it because there's no going back!)
  7. Type in the "Monthly punch amount per team" field the number of punches you want to purchase for the team
  8. Optionally, type in a monthly limit for each member to use in the "Monthly punch amount per member" field
  9. Press the "Confirm" button in the "Monthly punch amount per team" field
  10. Select "Purchase Now"
  11. Un-check the box next to "Punches"
  12. Verify the punches are available by navigating back to the Team Activity page
    1. Press the silhouette icon on the top-right
    2. Check the "Punch Balance" is at the top of the page and is correct