Meraki Guidelines

This document applies to: Coworking & Workplace


  • One MR-44 per 2,000 square feet or 40-60 wireless clients
  • At least 1 access point per floor regardless of square footage or amount of wireless clients

These are only guidelines. Things like walls, type of walls, bricks, lead paint, other wifi networks can affect signal strength.

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Other things to consider that might affect signal strength:
Your space construction set up, how many large metal objects are around, how many walls would be between a Meraki AP (i.e. "access point") and the most distant office on a floor, how many devices per person, how many devices like printers and cameras there are, is the refrigerator on WiFi, your tolerance for bogged down network connections, etc. 

Also, AP's are usually designed to be face down on a ceiling or face up on a table. If you place it on a wall, very little behind the AP is going to get coverage. So, the location has to be considered.