Nomad Settings

The Proximity Network is the fastest growing coworking and travel network in the world. If you’re looking to fill unused desks, meet new people and connect to a network of like-minded coworking spaces, you’ve found the right place! Not only does Proximity Nomad bring you drop-ins, you get to choose what you get paid. To set up your space to accept Nomads, you will select your payout and the benefits the Nomad will receive when they visit your space.

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Nomad.
  2. Choose your reimbursement rate: From the drop-down menu, select your Dedicated Desk membership or any membership that is similar. Proximity uses this cost to help you decide your payout. (Switch to Manual Mode if you do not have a monthly Membership that works.)
  3. Payout: Choose what you would like to be paid when a Nomad visits your space.
    • Keep in mind that the lower the payout, the cheaper their price will be, and the more likely a Nomad will be to visit your space.
  4. Select the daily membership Nomads will be assigned when they visit your space.
  5. Once you are finished with these questions, click Save, and you will be added to the Nomad map, as long as your account is out of demo mode (this means your Stripe account is connected).

When a Nomad Visits

You will receive an email whenever a visitor schedules a visit and you can also view any upcoming visits under Manage Visits in the Sidebar Navigation (Proximity > Nomad > Manage Visits). This will give you the name and the date they plan to visit. On the day of the visit the visitor will be prompted to check in once they log onto your WiFi if you are using Meraki WiFi integration. If you do not use Meraki, the visitor can either check-in with the Proximity Mobile app or by giving you a validation code that you’ll enter under Manage Visits.  It is essential that the visitor checks in –this is how you get paid! 

Be sure to fill out the Wifi Information section under Settings > General which will be displayed to the Nomad visitor when they check-in with the mobile app. You will be paid the same day the Nomad visits. These payments can be found under Reports > Transfers and include the date of visit, name of the Nomad, amount reimbursed, and whether or not the transfer was successful.